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MoonShadow recruits active, friendly and talkactive people Wink

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 [Mod App] Zerek

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Immortal Forum Stalker
Immortal Forum Stalker

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PostSubject: [Mod App] Zerek   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:39 pm

Char Name:

Char Level/Class: 50 / Paladin

Real Name: Robb

Age: 19

Forum Activity: Beyond Extreme - See Posts

Speak Fluent English: Obviously

Other Languages? *: French, Some Spanish

Contactable Outside Game By *: MSN, Skype, Ventillo, GSC

Why Apply For Moderator: Im Power Hungry! Nah, ive modded for, and hosted clan based forums before, so i know what im on about. Im nearly always on here, im more than willing to help out with queries, ive written guides in detail (working on a warrior tanking build atm and need to update my Pally tank guide). I am the registered forum stalker; and post alot of crap at times, but ive also been on topic alot too. Really i know what id be getting in for, could work this forum system out pretty quickly and then we'd roll from there Rolling Eyes + you all know you want a fun mod.

Moderator Experience:
LastChaosUSA - Apostles of Life Forum Admin
" " - GSC Communications Channel Host
NavyFIELD EU - GSC Communications Channel Host
" " - Clan Website Mod
" " - Clan Battle Planner
COD4 - GSC Communications Channel Host
" " - Clan Website Mod
... you get the idea

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[Mod App] Zerek
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