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MoonShadow recruits active, friendly and talkactive people Wink

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Little Moon
Little Moon

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PostSubject: CLAN ARENA!   Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:04 pm

I copied this post from the gamerkraft forum as i feel we should start doing this!!!
We have plenty of 30+ members within our clan and it is meant to be awesome.


I think we see so few clans compete because they are unsure what to do or what is the point.

Well the point is:

It is FUN.
You earn destruction coins to buy Soul Weapons in the soon to open arena shop.
You earn these coins even if you lose.
You do NOT lose XP for death in the arena & res is automatic after a few seconds.
Weekly winners collect all tax from NPC shops for the next week (and set the tax rate).

Arena is on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat Start time is 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm & 11pm UK time (final on Sun)

You have 30 minutes prior to the start time to register with the Arena Manager in any of the 3 start towns.
Clan leader or vice-leader must speak to him. Registration costs 100k eons & 10 clan points.

When the arena is about to start - all players who were selected will see a symbol appear next to their XP bar - click it to tele to arena. This symbol will appear wherever you are - no need to go to town. (currently a minor bug means that all players should re-log just before arena starts - or symbol may not appear)

The registration screen shows a list of all clan members who qualify for the arena (any L30+) - you may choose anywhere between 6 & 24 members.
NOTE: You may enter with as few as 2 players by simply choosing those players present & fill in the missing amount with off line players - the arena starts just fine as soon as at least 2 players actually enter the arena.

Points are scored by capturing flags destroying monuments or killimg the enemy team - match ends after 20 minutes OR when a team reaches 1000pts. (Sundays finals are 30 mins & 2000 pts), Destuction coins may then be collected from Willy the clown.

EVERY clan should do this event - win or lose - it is a great deal of fun.
Ask your clan leader to organise a match & give it a try.
If your clan refuses to participate - then they are denying all their members the possibility to buy Soul Weapons and making you miss out on an important aspect of the game - I recomend joining a different clan. Talk to the arena manager for the scores this week to see a list of clans that play - those are the clans that you should think about joining.


Lets fight other clans in the Arena Very Happy
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Great Moon

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PostSubject: Re: CLAN ARENA!   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:58 am
A clan arena video which seemed nice
PVP is bad in pt2 constant fear by Tanks , some things need to be changed ;s

Chili 51 Escar stoped until archer is really back ~
Mont 5x Crimson Knight ~
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Little Moon
Little Moon

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PostSubject: Re: CLAN ARENA!   Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:59 am

i wont do anything on this basis until the game is balanced.........

cause right now its pointless, enigma arent the best or any other clan for that fact until the game is balanced.
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PostSubject: Re: CLAN ARENA!   

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